That’s why our new foyer is designed to make a mark. Our upgrades to the building create welcoming and social places for workers and visitors alike. Flexible, inspirational places to take away the stress leaving you free to concentrate on what’s important. Places like a new café in the WiFi-enabled foyer, casual meeting areas and a rooftop garden. Places host outdoor events and an informal meeting, coffee breaks or just to enjoy tranquil lunch breaks in the sun.


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We’re productive when we’re happy. Acknowledging that a workplace should be more than rows of desks allows people to feel positive about work. 2 Constitution Avenue offers a range of positive amenities to help people move, stretch, connect and relax. Take advantage of the free lunchtime fitness classes, showers with fresh towels and bike racks.

Don’t forget to join the Civic Network and connect with other professionals across ISPT buildings. You’ll also be updated on the latest news here at 2 Constitution Avenue. Simply email and ask to be added to Civic Network.


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Investing in the environment is investing in all of us. ISPT buildings are managed down to the finest details to ensure a high-energy rating and a comfortable environment. The revitalisation of 2 Constitution Avenue substantially reduces our CO2 footprint. We do as much as possible to minimise our impact by running a thorough sustainability program across all our property assets.

At 2 Constitution Avenue we’ve installed a rainwater harvesting systems, recycling facilities, energy saving utilities and coffee cup recycling. We’re also all abuzz over our rooftop beehives and your organic waste makes for very happy worms in our commercial worm farm.

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